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The Screw (#90099-18010), a crucial auto part, secures components within Toyota's Engine-Fuel Fuel Filter and Engine-Fuel Injection Pump Assembly systems. As the systems run, the Screw (#90099-18010) maintains the position and alignment of these components to ensure optimal performance. Over time, Screw (#90099-18010)s can get worn or even damaged affecting the overall functionality of the system. Regular replacement is thus vital to prevent unforeseen mechanical damage. Genuine Toyota Screw (#90099-18010)s offer superior compatibility with your vehicle and are directly backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Their replacement hence contributes significantly to the maintenance of the vehicle's efficiency and safety. Remember, only genuine parts guarantee the expected performance and durability. Don't compromise your vehicle's safety and performance, insist on genuine Toyota Screw (#90099-18010)s.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90401-14007;90401-14060
Part Number 90099-18010

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