Tire Pressure Information Label

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The Tire Pressure Information Label (#42661-60231), a crucial component of the Caution Plate system, plays a vital role in maintaining vehicle safety. This Body part offers essential information regarding the appropriate tire pressure for your vehicle, vital for optimal tire performance and safety. Designed to be a perfect fit, genuine Toyota parts like the Tire Pressure Information Label (#42661-60231) aid in maintaining vehicle compatibility, while also being backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, these labels may become worn out and illegible, making the information unreadable. An old or damaged label could lead to improperly inflated tires, affecting the car's handling and possibly leading to a blowout or puncture. In conclusion, the Tire Pressure Information Label (#42661-60231) is a small yet crucial element in the Caution Plate system, contributing significantly to overall vehicle safety by ensuring the right tire pressure is maintained.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 42661-60231

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