Valve Rocker Arm Sub-Assembly

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The Valve Rocker Arm Sub-Assembly (#13800-WAA04) is a crucial auto part under the Engine-Fuel category, belonging to the Camshaft & Valve system in a vehicle. This component primarily bridges the gap between the camshaft and intake and exhaust valves, translating the rotational motion of the camshaft into the linear motion required to open and close the valves. As the system operates, the rocker arm undergoes significant wear and tear, necessitating timely replacement. Failure to replace an old or broken rocker arm can potentially lead to inefficient valve operation, impacting engine performance, or even causing mechanical damage. Genuine Toyota parts enhance vehicle compatibility and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Valve Rocker Arm Sub-Assembly (#13800-WAA04), therefore, plays a vital role in preserving the overall efficiency and safety of the system in which it is installed.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 13800-WAA04

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